Puerto Rico Fishing to catch Peacock Bass

Anglers don't have to travel all the way down to the Amazon jungle and spend so much money and take unnecessary risks to catch Peacock Bass. There are lakes in P.R teeming with this spectacular species, an often unexpected attraction for anglers visiting the Caribbean island. Peacock bass Fishing in Puerto Rico were introduced in the island in 1960 and it is not unusual to catch 50 or more on a good day with some averaging in the six to fifteen pounds. Let's start Puerto Rico fishing

Capt. Paco says the stocking has been a huge success since the climate in the Caribbean is exactly the same as in the amazon basin. There are some other countries that peacock bass have been stocked but the problem is when the temperature drops below the 70s the bite dies and so do the fish. We also have explosive tarpon and Snook action in the backcountry lagoons definitely the best in the Caribbean.


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Puerto Rico Peacock Bass and Tarpon Fishing Tours
Contact: Capt. Paco Méndez
Ph. No. : 787-364-6000
E-Mail: cappaco@yahoo.com


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